The ultimate entertainment magazine programme for every motorcycle enthusiast, Our motorbike show is an 8 x 1 hour Television Series produced in the UK, filmed around the world and ready for global broadcast in early 2018. Fully funded by passionate individuals who just want to see a brilliant show on TV, The Motorbike Show will satiate the desires of motorbike lovers from all eras.

Reflecting the freedom that bikers crave, we’ll anchor this show entirely on the road. Each programme will be linked from a different, iconic motorcycle journey. Exploring the mountain passes of South Africa, and travelling from the azure sea of Belize to the temples of Guatemala. And, along the way, we’ll be testing the best bikes in the world. Cutting in and out of this narrative, we’ll deliver great strands of content that will keep viewers engaged and entertained throughout. Nearly 25% of people who throw their legs over a motorcycle are women. 61% ride a cruiser type bike, this show isn’t just for the boys.

Our motorbike series is in pre-production for broadcast in early 2018. If you would like to view our promotional clip, please contact to obtain a password.