Football is the most popular sport in the world. It is played, watched and loved by tens of millions of loyal fans and supporters every day. The Football Show is a brand new global TV series profiling everything that happens in football off the pitch.

Comprised of beautifully shot and crafted films portraying football in a positive light, the show provides revealing and unprecedented access to the sport and its players. Made for a global market, The Football Show focuses on the lives of the worlds leading professionals who are now global icons of the game.

The series will showcase the personalities of footballs best professional players, and legends of the game, as they relax in their private time.

Gaining exclusive access into the players home life, well learn what makes them tick as they invite us to share their passions whether it be cars, fine wines, fashion, cookery, music, or art. Highlighting the role they play in society and the influence and enjoyment they bring to millions, we share the moving stories about charity work players from humble beginnings perform, as they help others get a start in life.

The Football Show is co-produced by Infinity Creative Media and Zig Zag Productions, who have produced over 600 hours of non-scripted programming and has grown to become an internationally recognised, respected and award winning television producer in the UK, USA and internationally.  Filmed as a 6 x 1 hour series it is scheduled to broadcast in 2018; should you like to view our promotional clip, please contact to obtain a password.