From the ski slopes of the Alps to the markets of Shanghai and the townships of South Africa, Joe Fattorini and Amelia Singer meet wine makers and wine lovers from around the world, all sharing a passion for the world’s most captivating drink.

The team travelled to 12 different countries on six continents, bringing back great wine stories of war, history, families, tragedy and triumph. Joe and Amelia meet the people behind the stories and discover the wines that carry those stories.

Throughout the show, Joe challenges Hollywood actors, Matthew Goode (Downtown Abbey / Imitation Game) and Matthew Rhys (The Americans / Brothers & Sisters) to find 12 wines that create a case that capture the spirit of Italy, one of the world’s greatest wine producing countries.

The Wine Show also hosts twelve of the world’s leading chefs, tasked with cooking the perfect meal to accompany their favourite wine. As they prepare and cook, we learn about these Masters of Cuisine, why they love their chosen bottle, and the tastes that drive their dish.
The show has now been sold into over 100 countries around the world.

The Wine Show has rapidly become a significant brand in the food and wine industry, delivering entertainment, honesty and trust to its audience through its numerous touch points.

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